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As your insurance broker, we work for you rather than the insurance company. Our job is to find the cheapest insurance companies near you and provide you with the best comparison of coverage through different insurers to get you the best rates and conditions in an unbiased manner. We will attempt to search for opportunities to package different types of insurance for discounts. As our client you can expect from us to provide you with administrative assistance by making any necessary changes, assisting in the claims process, certificates for lienholders and any additional interests, billing and payments.

We recommend personal consultations to ensure there are no misunderstandings and no details are overlooked. We understand in todays fast pace world, you may not have the time in your busy schedule to meet with us, so please give us a call today, for a no obligation, hassle free quote. We speak English, Punjabi, and Spanish (se habla Español).

Call us for customized insurance services in Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Yuba City, CA.

Commercial Property Insurance


We are also a trusted home insurance company in Fresno, CA with extensive knowledge and experience.

Commercial Auto Insurance


JKG Insurance Agency has the capability to quote stand-alone and/ or packaged polices such as auto with..

Real Estate Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Here at JKG Insurance Agency we strongly believe that true business financial protection means having a commercial property and liability..

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance protects the financial interest of the business owner when an employee is injured on the...


Farm & Ranch/ Agribusiness Insurance

JKG Insurance Agency is located in a small agricultural based community in the heart of the Central Valley..


Multi-peril Crop Insurance/ Crop-hail Insurance

Crop Insurance was designed to help protect farmers and growers against losses that could surpass their financial capacity

Insurance Provider in Fresno, CA

Gill Insurance Agency was founded by Avtar S. Gill in 1988. His knowledge, love, and experience as a farmer inspired him to pursue a career as a crop insurance broker. He personally understands the day to day struggles a farmer endures. It is because Avtar’s extensive knowledge of farming that he is today acknowledged as the largest Crop Insurance Producer in the Nation. Shortly after, Gill Insurance Agency expanded into a family operated business. Avtar’sbrother Harinder “Harry” Gill joined the...

Gill insurance Caruthers

Harry Gill, Kevin Gill and Avatar S Gill

Our Advantage

The Gill Insurance Agencies is a diverse team committed to serving our clients with the respect and honesty that they deserve. What a better way than to purchase insurance from and experienced homeowner, business owner and farmer. Not to mention, we have built long lasting relationships with some of the most reputable and financially secure insurance companies in the industry. This explains why our clients stay with our agencies year after year.

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