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You have to play an active role in the buying process if you want perfect auto insurance in Fresno CA. There are so many different companies and plans to choose, you may find it a little bit more daunting to decide which way to turn to get the best deals. But, with a few tips, you should be well on your way.

The first stride is learning more about the options you have available to you. Look around and go online to find out what Fresno auto insurance companies you have to choose from. You need to find out everything you can, because the more you know, the easier it is to make a decision at the end.

What’s included in the auto insurance plan?

Each individual is different and so are their auto insurance needs. Figure out what you need to be included in your coverage plan. Depending on your age, driving record, and other personal factors, one company and plan may be better for you than another. Remember, you are considering an auto insurance plan for yourself and not for someone else.

No point in paying more for coverage you don’t require

You should research the Fresno auto insurance market properly to ensure you get the lowest insurance rates. You should know what is there in a plan before going ahead with it. As there is no use paying more for the coverage you do not need, get all the details upfront and take out any parts you don’t need.

Enhancing up the security will save you money

You can save money on your auto insurance by increasing the security. You can add an anti-theft system or drive a less expensive car to protect your vehicle. The more you do or better protect your car, the lower your auto insurance will cost you. The Fresno auto insurance service providers see what you are doing to prevent theft and damage to your vehicle, and accordingly, they reward you with lower insurance rates.

Include basic coverage in your auto insurance plan

There are a few basics you should include in your coverage such as bodily injury liability, medical payments, and collision coverage. As a driver, you never know when you will be injured in an accident. As accidents do happen, you need to be prepared always.

Never rush and sign up with the first company you come across. Shopping around will land you in a good position. You will find an insurance company that will provide you services for long.

Get in touch with us if you are seeking the advice of a professional Fresno auto insurance agency ca. We will ensure to exceed your expectations every time.

In an effort to offer you with superior insurance coverage, we have compiled here a number of tips for you to reference when you are buying or renewing your insurance with your insurance provider.
Here are the tips:
Ask your insurance provider what the policy does not cover
This is known as ‘exclusion’, and every policy has it whether you are buying an auto insurance or home insurance in California. It is important to find out what they are when purchasing or renewing insurance, so that you have the knowledge if you are submitting a claim.
You are getting what you pay for
If you are shopping around for home insurance in California, make sure you are comparing wisely. Not all insurance policies are the same, so you need to compare apples with apples. You may experience small variations among companies, but if one company is offering you less price, be careful, the coverage may not be the same.
Develop a healthy relationship with your insurance provider
For your needs of home insurance in California or any other insurance, it is good to develop good relations with your insurance provider. They will have all your current information. At the time of renewal, they will be able to better shop the markets for you. This will result in potential discounts. Along with that, you will have peace of mind knowing you have someone to look after your insurance needs.
Before submitting a claim, get in touch with your insurance provider
It is imperative to communicate with your insurance provider to discuss things prior to submitting a claim. They will advice you what steps you should take and whether you should submit a claim or not.
Review your insurance requirements every year
It is obvious you may have made modifications to your property or your circumstances may have changed. Any changes or updates should be shared with your broker as it may need to be reflected on your policy.
Consult your service provider for home insurance in California for tips to prevent loss from occurring
The more precautions you will take to protect your property, the less you will have to rely on your insurance. Your insurance provider will offer you cost saving measures. This will prevent claims from occurring in the first place.
We hope the above tips assist you while shopping or renewing your insurance. When you are considering insurance or if your insurance needs renewal, please contact Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies.

If you own a car, you are almost legally compelled to buy an insurance coverage. And just like fuel, tolls and regular maintenance, the cost of auto insurance is an unavoidable transportation expense. But according to Fresno auto insurance experts, it does not mean one-price-fits-all equation. Actually, there are many ways to save money and earn discounts on your auto insurance.
Here are a few tips that can help you keep the cost of auto insurance in Fresno down.
Consider a policy with higher deductibles
By choosing a policy with higher deductibles, you can save from 15 to 30 percent or even more on the cost of your premium.
Compare as much as possible
Just because you like the advertisement of a Fresno auto insurance company, don’t choose them. You should invest time to shop around, get quotes, and check the credibility of your service provider. While shopping around for the best auto insurance in Fresno, compare the same coverage levels. This way you will save hundreds of dollars.
Constrict your coverage on olden cars
If you have an older car, you can save money by forgoing comprehensive and collision coverage and purchasing only liability coverage. Check the value of your old car online and then choose auto insurance accordingly.
If you are buying a car, keep insurance in mind
It is wise to keep insurance in mind while buying a car. Some models and styles will come with higher insurance costs. Cars that have safety records and features can be insured at lower cost.
Shop around for discounts
The Fresno auto insurance service providers roll out various discounts from time to time in order to attract customers. You can get a discount for a number of reasons. They include a good driving track record, going for a defensive driving course, a good credit history, a long-term customer and anti-theft devices. All these factors will help you in getting a good discount on your auto insurance.
So it’s worth considering all the options that can save you money on your auto insurance.

As a small business, you may need a variety of insurance coverage based on your specific risks. While your needs may be different from others, there are some common insurance coverage that every business like you will need. There are many who buy insurance policies based on their knowledge. But they land up buying only liability insurance. Just as you have the expertise to understand your business, we at Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies have the expertise to see potential risks that can ruin your business. We recommend our clients best coverage based on their needs and budget. We will help you understand which insurance is a must for your business and why.

Here we will discuss two main insurance policies that is a must for a small business like you.

Liability insurance –It is important for you to have liability insurance. It will cover your business from damages and injuries caused by others. There may come a time or a situation when someone is harmed or their property is damaged based on your being in business. At that time, you will need liability insurance. It will protect you from lawsuits associated with these types of problems.

Property insurance –If you own a building, you need to cover it and its belongings with a good insurance. A fire or high winds can destroy your building, furniture, equipment and inventory in minutes. With a customized property insurance coverage, you will feel secure knowing your physical property is taken care of.

There are many additional insurance policies available in the market to choose from. These policies are based on your risk and industry. You need to understand what makes your business unique and what special risk you have.
Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies will help you decide which insurance is best for you. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide you best commercial insurance services in Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Yuba City, CA.

The feeling of complete shelter comes from living under your own roof. A house that you own and claim to be your biggest investment in life needs great responsibility and security. You need to buy a home insurance policy for your new house in California. Now, the question arises, “how to find the best home insurance quotes?” Here in this blog, I have mentioned some very important points of consideration when buying a home insurance. Stay glued to know everything that should go into buying home insurance.

Compare various home insurance policies

Remember, while choosing insurance for your home you must know the details about the type and level of cover provided with the chosen policy. Do not finalize a deal with your very first insurer, rather compare multiple policies of different reputed home insurance companies in California. Check all the policies and compare their level and cover type along with the price.

You should ensure that your policy includes:

  • Home emergency cover: Not every insurance company offers this in the coverage, so make sure yours do. It is an important to save during cases of emergency damage.
  • Comprehensive accidental cover: This is a kind of default option, automatically covered by the majority of insurers for any accidental damage.
  • Personal belongings cover: When you take any item outside your house, the thing no more comes under the insurance cover.

Where to buy home insurance from?

  • Look for comparison sites: Most of the people rely on online searches for an insurance company in Fresno, CA. On searching in the online market, you can probably find a suitable and cheaper insurance quote.
  • Hire an insurance broker: You can find an insurance agent who will help you get a cheaper and profitable deal for your home. With a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced agent, you can easily purchase your home insurance cover at a great price.
  • Talk to your mortgage provider: When you take a mortgage you will be offered with building insurance. Don’ just accept the offer then and there – confirm you get the right deal.

How to minimize the cost of home insurance?

You can negotiate your premium rates even with the best homeowners insurance provider in the following ways:

  • Installation of alarms: Smoke and burglar alarms are very important, as they can get you a discount on your premium amounts.
  • Increasing excess on your policy: If you’re ready to cover a part of the cost of your claim, you can get your premium rates lowered.
  • Make the no-claims discount: Don’t claim for a few years and as a result, you might get a discount, however, all companies do not provide this. So, ask for it before purchasing the policy.
  • Purchase buildings and contents insurance together: There is a chance of getting a discount if you buy both from the same company.

If you do not feel confident of your choice, you can call us, we will offer you the best that fits you Fresno homeowner insurance in the first two weeks. You might be charged with a penalty but that is fair in comparison to getting stuck with a wrong insurance policy.

It is a truth that those who have the craving for taking risk are the ones who are successful business owners. While taking risks can improve your business prospects, it does not hurt if you are little careful and purchase a commercial insurance in Fresno to protect your business from potential losses, theft, fire or any other form of liability. The terms of your commercial insurance may vary and will depend upon the scale and type of the business.

You will find a plethora of options when it comes to choosing the best commercial insurance coverage in Fresno. As your commercial insurance provider in Fresno, we will help you walk through various options and then choose one that suits your business needs. But before you approach Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies, you should know what type of commercial insurance policy you need.

Though commercial insurance is useful for all business types, but it is a necessity for gas filling stations, manufacturing units and liquor stores. The great threat to businesses like gas filling stations and liquor shops is fire accident. Fire accidents pose immense damage to these kinds of businesses. Your insurance policy can also provide you protection from natural disasters. So while signing up such an insurance policy, ensure it covers all the physical assets of your business including your business premises and furniture. And in some cases, it may also cover crucial documents, expensive products or storages.

If you own a liquor shop, you may need liquor liability insurance. It will protect your business against claims that occur because a patron of your business has become intoxicated and injured himself or someone else. You need to buy this coverage if you manufacture, sell, serve or furnish alcohol to others. If you are running a bar, pub, winery, brewery, bartending service or a restaurant that serves alcoholic beverage, a liquor liability insurance policy is a must.

So whether you are running a gas filling station or a liquor store, you should choose commercial insurance plan judiciously in order to protect your business from unforeseen situations.

Give us a call right away to speak to one of our commercial insurance experts. We will give you the best assistance possible.


In the last blog, we discussed about standard home insurance policy coverage, and how to upgrade your home insurance policy. Now we will discuss more factors that you should consider while choosing the best home insurance coverage.

Choose a plan only after considering all scenarios

Before you purchase a home insurance in Fresno, you should consider all possible outcomes you might be subjected to for which you need home insurance coverage. A customized home insurance plan cannot only compensate you for the money you can lose during an unforeseen calamity, but it can also compensate you for the renovation of your home after the calamity. You should choose a customized package that covers all the scenarios. For instance, if you stay in the flood-prone area, make sure your home insurance protects you in the event of flooding during monsoons.  But keep it in mind – the premium in such cases will be higher than the standard rate.

Calculate the right coverage amount

While calculating the policy coverage amount, you should take the time to properly assess the value of your property and belongings. If the coverage is low, the premium would be low. But the purpose would not be served in the event when a calamity strikes, and the sum assured is less than the value of the damaged property.

Recognize the claim settlement ratio of the insurer

When you are looking for best insurance coverage in Fresno, don’t just be governed merely by the price. You should take into account whether the insurer has good claim settlement ratio or not.  Read more about the reviews of the insurers and research online forums to find out more about the credibility. Also find out whether the insurer offers any special discounts and offers or not.

Read terms and conditions before signing

Often many fail to do a research and get swayed away by the promises made by the insurers. You should not be one of them. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before signing on the dotted line. Make sure your name, address, contact details are given properly in the insurance papers. You should read the forum properly before reading it carefully.

Hope you found the above post informative and useful. Keep the above points in mind while choosing the best home insurance policy coverage.

Give us a call on 559-864-8800 to speak to one our home insurance experts.


When we are exhausted after a tiring day, we long to go back to our home sweet home to get cozy, relaxed and,  to spend some good time with our loved ones. It’s the only place where we long to be after a hectic day out.  We take so much interest to make our home look elegant and welcoming. We take the trouble to install alarms, locks and security systems to make our home secured from burglars and tress-passers. But have we ever considered investing in home insurance in Fresno?

It has been observed only high network individuals usually invest in home insurance where the risks are bigger. However many of us fail to realize that there is always risk of losing precious belongings to fires, floods, earthquakes, storms and vandalism.  This is the reason why home insurance is an important investment for all of us.

Acquiring home loans is quite easy these days. We, Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies can help you in choosing the best home insurance policy in Fresno to protect your home from unfavorable circumstances. As your trusted insurance partner, we can help you choose the best option but we also want to educate you about few things. If you take them into account, they will help you in choosing the best home insurance policy.

Standard home insurance policy mainly covers your home and valuables

A standard policy mainly covers two main aspects, the structure – that is your home, and the content – that is your valuables and belongings. The insurance premium is also calculated depending on the basis of location and the cost of the construction.  Remember, you cannot insure a house taken on rent. However, you can insure your belongings. The sum assured for your belongings will be calculated on the basis of their valuation. In the case of goods that have value that depreciates with time, the sum assured will be calculated after deducting the depreciation on the basis of the age of the item.

You can upgrade your insurance policy later on too

Say for example – you have bought an insurance policy and thereafter, you have remodeled your home. And if you have used expensive material or flooring, you can upgrade your policy so that it reflects the actual value of your property and belongings. You can even extend the scope of the coverage if you feel you need to include more components.

While opting for a home insurance policy, there are many more things you need to consider. As your insurance broker, Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies has vast knowledge and experience in home insurance industry.  We will discuss more about the factors you must consider while choosing home insurance in our next blog post. In the mean time if you want any help regarding your home insurance, get in touch with us.

We provide customized home insurance in Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Yuba City CA.

It’s a new year and that means a new season is on it’s way, so it is time to make wise decisions for your business in 2017. Most farmers have decided on their crop insurance for this year. Haven’t you? Well, don’t worry about it. Even, this delay might prove fruitful for you as I have come up with some important points of consideration to choose the most beneficial crop insurance policy in Fresno. Read on to know about them.

Reductions in crop insurance premiums in 2017

In 2017, there are chances that you might see a slight reduction in crop insurance premiums. The coverage level differs from region to region and so will your premium policy.

You will find a broad range of varieties in coverage levels and crop insurance policies

Do not skip this part while searching for a new crop insurance policy. Always make sure to compare the premium costs from the rage of available options and then choose the one that suits your needs. Also make sure that you find the existing limitations of the crop insurance products provided by the concerned company.

Most commonly, try using the trend adjustment endorsement

Like many other producers, you should also utilize the TA-APH option for eventual improvement of your insurance protection. It will cost you only a negligible amount of rise in your premium rates. Using this endorsement is considered as a smart crop insurance strategy for soybeans, wheat and corn producers. Thus, make sure you look out for this option while buying crop insurance in Fresno.

Look upon your insurance investment with a perspective of risk management

Considering the rigid profit margins for crop production in the last year, probably some of the producers might think upon reducing their crop insurance cover in 2017. It is advised that before making the final decision, consider every possibility, both good and bad. Consider, “Which amount of finances can you risk in situations of drought and weather issues in 2017?” You need to finalize things in view of policies for revenue protection.

Bringing enterprise units to use is beneficial, but also know the demerits

Enterprise units have lower premium rates in comparison of the optional units for revenue protection crop insurance policies. These units depend on larger areas of coverage and do not always consider covering the losses from crop damage or isolated storms. Therefore, choosing the best crop insurance provider in Fresno, make sure they provide hail insurance for coverage against such type of losses.

I would suggest you look for a crop insurance company in Fresno after considering all the above-mentioned points.

From minor scrapes to deadly crashes, thousands of accidents occur every day. So an auto insurance coverage is not just a good idea, but in most states, it’s a legal requirement. There are many things you can do to make sure you are getting the best deal on auto insurance. At the same time, you should know many things so that you get the best insurance policy and rate.

Underwriting and the rating process

The first thing you should know is how your insurance rate is determined. There are two things that determine what you pay for the auto insurance. One is the underwriting and the other is the rating. The insurance agencies underwrite to assess the risk associated with an applicant, classify the applicant with other similar risks and decide if the company will accept the application or not. Depending on the results of the underwriting process, the rating assigns the price. And each insurance company adopts its own rating system. The most important thing that influences the process of rating is the claim frequency. This frequency will measure how often an insured event occurs. If you fall in higher claim group, you will be charged more for insurance coverage.

Look for better insurance coverage

Never hesitate to ask your insurance provider about the available discounts. Never leave the discount on the table as it is one of the best ways to lower your premiums. It is a good option to bundle your insurance coverage. Bundling your auto insurance with home and other insurance may save you money on all your policies.

Crucial factors affecting your insurance coverage

Although your insurance provider will look into various factors but there are few specific factors that affect your rate. The specific factors include your driving record, location, gender, age, marital status, type of vehicle, make and model of vehicle and your previous insurance history.

Choose a reliable auto insurance provider

You will find many different insurance types and insurance companies, all vying for your business. Work with a provider that evaluates your needs, driving records and history differently and offers varying discounts and rates. You should deal with an insurance provider that has relationships with multiple companies and get you best rates.

Hope you found the above tips useful. They can help you get the best auto insurance possible. Put your auto insurance needs in the hands of Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies, a trusted insurance agency dealing in auto insurance in Fresno. We are a team of qualified and experienced auto insurance experts. Call us soon.

The New California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5

Beginning in 2017, the new law, AB 1785 which will become Section 23123.5 of the Vehicle Code, prohibits drivers from holding and operating cell phones for any reason other than for functions that require only the motion of a single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger, and only if the devices are actually mounted in some type of holder on the vehicle’s windshield or on the dashboard.

Drivers will still be allowed to use their cell phones to make a call so long as it is done in a hands-free mode. However, beginning in 2017, if drivers want to operate their phones while driving and actually touch their phone for any reason, their phones will need to actually be mounted in a holder on the vehicle’s windshield or on the dashboard, and the only actions a driver may make to their phone is a single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger.

Worker’s compensation is an insurance policy which protects employees if they have become injured or sick while carrying out the duties of a job. This insurance policy can also pay damages to a worker’s family if the worker is unable to return to work for a long term or suffer a fatal injury. Worker’s compensation does not just cover medical costs. It also offers income replacement for the injured workers due to an on the job injury or an accident. Every state has its own worker’s compensation rules and guidelines, and the state laws control an employer’s responsibility to its workers.

The following tips will help you choose the right workers compensation policy.

Choose a competent insurance agent

Selecting a proper insurance agent, one who has knowledge, understanding and experience of worker compensation process is very important. The agent will be a connecting link between your company and the insurance carrier. You will benefit from counseling to take steps to keep your premiums as low as possible.

Know the basics of workers compensation insurance

You will be able to get a good deal if you know the basic facets of worker’s compensation. It covers diseases incurred at work, and bodily injuries in accidents. But any heath issues resulting from criminal acts, self-inflicted wounds and suicide are not covered. Next, this type of insurance also covers the company from civil liability claims. They include third-party claims. For example – claims filed by an employee’s family member or injury or death.

Learn your state’s requirements

It is imperative you know what your state’s requirements or rules are in reference to your compensation case. Your insurance agency is the right source for knowing the rules and regulations of your state. In case you are planning to move or expand to another state or you manage a multi-state company, make sure you are in compliance. Make sure your insurance agent is knowledgeable and experienced enough in out-of-state policies.

The workers’ compensation coverage is available from many sources and your choice of an insurance company will help you in accessing the best worker compensation plan.

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