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JKG Insurance Agency specializes in Fresno crop insurance market

Crop Insurance was designed to help protect farmers and growers against losses that could surpass their financial capacity due to natural disasters, such as hail, drought and rain, or the loss of revenue due to decline in prices of agricultural commodities.  Our office offers subsidized multi-peril federal insurance program, administered by the Risk Management Agency and authorized by the Federal Crop Insurance Act.  As the largest Crop Insurance writer in California, Gill Insurance Agency is directly appointed with Chubb Agribusiness (also known as Rain & Hail, LLC), Agrilogic Insurance Services and Farmer’s Mutual Hail.  We offer crop insurance for more than 100 different crops, although not all insurable crops are covered in every county.  In addition to the multi-peril federal insurance, many companies are now offering private policies that can be purchased in conjunction with the MCPI or asstand-alone policies. We are a trusted source for all your needs of crop insurance in Fresno.

Fresno crop insurance

We Offer the Following Types of Coverage but Not Limited to:

  • Actual Production History
  • Coverage Enhancement Option
  • Raisin Extra Expense
  • Raisin Reconditioning
  • Slipping and Turning for Raisin Rain Insurance
  • Crop-Hail

Key Points of Crop Insurance in Fresno:

  • Covers against natural disasters, such as rain, hail, heat, wind, frost, storm, failure of irrigation, & etc.
  • Different levels of coverage
  • Extra expenses and Reconditioning for raisins, Government Subsidies: ADT20

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