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Tailored workers’ compensation insurance in Fresno, CA

Workers’ Compensation Insurance protects the financial interest of the business owner when an employee is injured on the job.  Workers’ Compensation is a unique commercial insurance that covers the necessary medical costs and lost wages to an injured worker.

We take pride to be the best workers’ compensation insurance agency in Fresno. We can help your company find better solutions to your unique workers compensation insurance needs.

workers compensation insurance agency Fresno

What can you expect from the JKG Insurance Agency Workers’ Compensation Team?

  • Dependable, reliable, trustworthy service
  • Knowledgeable in various classifications
  • Experience and knowledge of the Workers Compensation Appeals Board system.
  • Knowledgeable in the Workers’ Compensation Claims process.
  • Work with our insured’s bookkeepers and/or CPA’s to assure proper and accurate Audits.

What can you expect from the various Workers’ Compensation Carriers we work with?

  • Competitive quotes from carriers
  • Carrier Safety and loss control services.
  • Access to comprehensive local physician and pharmacy network.
  • Return-to-work and modified, light-duty programs.
  • Specialized Fraud Unit.

Key Points of Workers’ Compensation Insurance in Fresno:

  • Required by law
  • Pays medical expenses and loss of wages related to an employees work related injury
  • Representation at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Court
  • Protects employers from unforeseen work related losses
  • In-house loss prevention unit department

We provide our services in Sacramento, Bakersfield, Yuba City, and Fresno CA.

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