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In an effort to offer you with superior insurance coverage, we have compiled here a number of tips for you to reference when you are buying or renewing your insurance with your insurance provider.
Here are the tips:
Ask your insurance provider what the policy does not cover
This is known as ‘exclusion’, and every policy has it whether you are buying an auto insurance or home insurance in California. It is important to find out what they are when purchasing or renewing insurance, so that you have the knowledge if you are submitting a claim.
You are getting what you pay for
If you are shopping around for home insurance in California, make sure you are comparing wisely. Not all insurance policies are the same, so you need to compare apples with apples. You may experience small variations among companies, but if one company is offering you less price, be careful, the coverage may not be the same.
Develop a healthy relationship with your insurance provider
For your needs of home insurance in California or any other insurance, it is good to develop good relations with your insurance provider. They will have all your current information. At the time of renewal, they will be able to better shop the markets for you. This will result in potential discounts. Along with that, you will have peace of mind knowing you have someone to look after your insurance needs.
Before submitting a claim, get in touch with your insurance provider
It is imperative to communicate with your insurance provider to discuss things prior to submitting a claim. They will advice you what steps you should take and whether you should submit a claim or not.
Review your insurance requirements every year
It is obvious you may have made modifications to your property or your circumstances may have changed. Any changes or updates should be shared with your broker as it may need to be reflected on your policy.
Consult your service provider for home insurance in California for tips to prevent loss from occurring
The more precautions you will take to protect your property, the less you will have to rely on your insurance. Your insurance provider will offer you cost saving measures. This will prevent claims from occurring in the first place.
We hope the above tips assist you while shopping or renewing your insurance. When you are considering insurance or if your insurance needs renewal, please contact Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies.

When we are exhausted after a tiring day, we long to go back to our home sweet home to get cozy, relaxed and,  to spend some good time with our loved ones. It’s the only place where we long to be after a hectic day out.  We take so much interest to make our home look elegant and welcoming. We take the trouble to install alarms, locks and security systems to make our home secured from burglars and tress-passers. But have we ever considered investing in home insurance in Fresno?

It has been observed only high network individuals usually invest in home insurance where the risks are bigger. However many of us fail to realize that there is always risk of losing precious belongings to fires, floods, earthquakes, storms and vandalism.  This is the reason why home insurance is an important investment for all of us.

Acquiring home loans is quite easy these days. We, Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies can help you in choosing the best home insurance policy in Fresno to protect your home from unfavorable circumstances. As your trusted insurance partner, we can help you choose the best option but we also want to educate you about few things. If you take them into account, they will help you in choosing the best home insurance policy.

Standard home insurance policy mainly covers your home and valuables

A standard policy mainly covers two main aspects, the structure – that is your home, and the content – that is your valuables and belongings. The insurance premium is also calculated depending on the basis of location and the cost of the construction.  Remember, you cannot insure a house taken on rent. However, you can insure your belongings. The sum assured for your belongings will be calculated on the basis of their valuation. In the case of goods that have value that depreciates with time, the sum assured will be calculated after deducting the depreciation on the basis of the age of the item.

You can upgrade your insurance policy later on too

Say for example – you have bought an insurance policy and thereafter, you have remodeled your home. And if you have used expensive material or flooring, you can upgrade your policy so that it reflects the actual value of your property and belongings. You can even extend the scope of the coverage if you feel you need to include more components.

While opting for a home insurance policy, there are many more things you need to consider. As your insurance broker, Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies has vast knowledge and experience in home insurance industry.  We will discuss more about the factors you must consider while choosing home insurance in our next blog post. In the mean time if you want any help regarding your home insurance, get in touch with us.

We provide customized home insurance in Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Yuba City CA.

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