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As a small business, you may need a variety of insurance coverage based on your specific risks. While your needs may be different from others, there are some common insurance coverage that every business like you will need. There are many who buy insurance policies based on their knowledge. But they land up buying only liability insurance. Just as you have the expertise to understand your business, we at Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies have the expertise to see potential risks that can ruin your business. We recommend our clients best coverage based on their needs and budget. We will help you understand which insurance is a must for your business and why.

Here we will discuss two main insurance policies that is a must for a small business like you.

Liability insurance –It is important for you to have liability insurance. It will cover your business from damages and injuries caused by others. There may come a time or a situation when someone is harmed or their property is damaged based on your being in business. At that time, you will need liability insurance. It will protect you from lawsuits associated with these types of problems.

Property insurance –If you own a building, you need to cover it and its belongings with a good insurance. A fire or high winds can destroy your building, furniture, equipment and inventory in minutes. With a customized property insurance coverage, you will feel secure knowing your physical property is taken care of.

There are many additional insurance policies available in the market to choose from. These policies are based on your risk and industry. You need to understand what makes your business unique and what special risk you have.
Gill Insurance and JKG Insurance Agencies will help you decide which insurance is best for you. We have the expertise and knowledge to provide you best commercial insurance services in Fresno, Sacramento, Bakersfield, and Yuba City, CA.

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